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In Between 48th Street is a period piece, based in NYC in the late 1980’s. 48th Street, at that time, was affectionately known as “Music Row” due to the many musical instrument stores located on the street. Many famous artists purchased their instruments there.
The project is a collaboration between Andrew Cagnetta and Steve Sloane, who have come together over the last several years in creating the story and songs of this unique, musical tale.


Our story tells the tale of two rival music stores located next door to each other on 48th Street – Maxie’s and Joe Burns. The characters in both stores interplay with each other, most notably in the break room “in between” the two stores. But the title of the show – “In Between” is really more of a metaphor about life. You are born into this world and you eventually pass on, but it’s what you do “in between” that really matters. Our characters learn life lessons including lost love rekindled, ambition, greed, addiction, sexuality and more.

Ticket Info

Come see the first staged reading of the new musical “In Between 48th Street” at Brooklyn Art Haus!


We’re gearing up to start live performances! Upcoming events include:

March 23

Auditions at Ripley Studios, Manhattan

May 17

Staged Reading, Brooklyn Art Haus 7pm

May 18

Staged Reading, Brooklyn Art Haus 2pm

May 18

Staged Reading, Brooklyn Art Haus 7pm

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